About Us

We are based in Shangrila/ zhongdian/ Gyalthang in NW Yunnan. We organize variety of adventure travel and sight-seeing activities including trekking, botanical trips, culture expeditions and media trips to north west Yunnan and beyond, we are also known for our overland packages or tailor made packages to west Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan Tibetan regions and north-west China.

The Mayo Village

NW Yunnan - Mountains, Hamlets and Gorges

Eric and I (Tsebho) thought it would be led to just another mountain village when we first took a small mountain road north of Gyalthang (also called Shangrila now) 3years ago, we were stunned by the gorges, caves and all the different rock formations in Nagara and Mulu, all just 3hrs drive from the main bustling town of Shangrila and other touristic places of NW Yunnan

Back In Mayo (Mulu ) and Nagara

We decided to take the same small mountain road to Mayo (Mulu) but this time we wanted to find more about the regions of Mayo and Nagara and their mountains and culutre. We have found great trekking possibilties, fasinating mountain vistas and sacred caves.


We are thrilled to tell you that we are gonna take limited number of people on this adventure each year Potentially, this 5 day trip is a combination of day hikes, cave explorations, homestays and 2-4 day trek extentions